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A leak in a pipe usually means that your fittings and pipes are corroded.

We’ll find your broken pipe and/or leak and fix it any time of day or night at a price you can afford.


Plumbing Services We Offer:

– Pipe Break Repair
– Camera Inspection
– Line Repairs and Installation
– Yard Line and Water Leak Repair
– Leak Detection
– Tankless Water Heaters
– Conventional Water Heaters
– Sink and Tub Replacement
– Faucet Repair and Replacement
– Garbage Disposal Repair
– Drain Cleaning and repair
– Water Filtration System

Even a small leak can cost you big time.

We’ll fix it at a price you can afford!

How often do you read your water meter?

Have you noticed a sudden, unexplained increase in your water bill?

Is there standing water on your property during dry weather?

These could be an indication that you have a broken pipe, either between your house and the meter, or worse, somewhere inside your home.

There are many ways that even a small leak can cost you big money.

Slow damage to drywall, ceilings, cabinetry and floors can occur.

If the leak is in your hot water system, you may also be paying for the energy to heat that wasted water.

If you don’t check your water meter regularly, this problem could continue over several months, costing you money and potentially wasting hundreds of gallons of water.

If you suspect a leak, you’ll want it handled quickly and professionally.

Call All American Plumbing and one of our friendly technicians will diagnose and repair your broken pipes or water leak.

Plumbing Leak Detection San Diego

All American Plumbing are the experts when it comes to repairing or replacing broken water pipes.

Not only does our team at All American Plumbing search and locate your broken pipe, but we also have numerous ways to repair the broken sections.

All American Plumbing can repair all broken pipes in any type of material in any location.

– Under Concrete
– Under the Ground
– In the Wall Whether it be Concrete or Gyprock
– In Ceilings and Roofs
– Plastic or Copper

The specialist team at All American Plumbing are fully equipped to carry out the testing procedures in order to ascertain what pipe is broken and where.

This eliminates large amounts of damage being caused in the process of locating and repairing the broken pipes.

The team at All American Plumbing also specialize in leak detection.

We’re able to carry out testing procedures to pin point the cause and locations of water leaks.

This allows us to provide you with a cost effective solution on the necessary repairs with minimal damage or disruption to the dwelling.

All American Plumbing can also rectify the leaks from start to finish.

From a leaking shower base to a complete bathroom refurbishment.

We do it all!

This takes the hassle away from you.

Just call All American Plumbing and as we will take care of the rest for you.

Call us now … We can handle your plumbing needs!

Plumbing Leak Detection San Diego


We service all in San Diego, California.


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