When we talk of efficient use of water heaters, Poway, CA, it means using them in such as way that we are not wasting energy. That is a pretty big deal because appropriate energy usage could mean a reduction on electric bill as well as being more environment-friendly homeowners.

So, here are some tips for efficient use of water heaters:

Use less hot water. Yes, one sure way to reduce hot water costs is to use less of it. How can you do it? One practical way that is considered very effective is to install low-flow showereheads and faucet aerators. It is estimated that by using them, you are going to cut hot water consumption by 25% to 60%. Plus, it also means you reduce cost of water bill, right?

Turn down your tank’s thermostat. Tank thermostat regulates the temperature of your water heater. The default setting of most water heaters, Poway, CA, is 140 degree fahrenheit. Turn it down to the recommended setting for households by the Energy Department, which is 120 degree fahrenheit – the scale that is high enough for your needs, and low enough to reduce mineral buildup in your tank and pipes. Also, turning down tank’s thermostat to that scale will help you save 3% to 5% of your power bill.

Check water heater for exposed hot-water pipes. By applying insulation on your water heater pipes, water will arrive at the faucet 2 to 4 degrees warmer. Meaning to say, there is no need to wait for as long as for it to heat up, saving you energy, water, and of course, money. Be reminded, however, that while this task can be an easy DIY work, letting an expert to do the job for you can be a more practical way to go, to ensure that everything is done appropriately.

Drain the sediment. Overtime, your water heater tank will eventually have a sediment buildup, which reduces efficiency and makes saving energy more challenging. The solution: drain the tank. Please note that while most manufacturers recommend draining the tank once or twice a year, draining it completely is actually not necessary. In fact, what is recommended by the Department of Energy is to drain less water more often – flushing a quart of water in your water heater storage every three months.

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