A leak in a visible pipe can easily be spotted and fixed. However, when a leak is hidden underground or beneath the surface, that is when a more challenging task comes in. While a visible leak can be DIY-ed, below-the-surface leaks require the help of a professional plumber who is an expert in sewer leak detection, Poway, CA.

When to call a professional

You might not be sure whether or not your case requires the help of a professional when you suspect that there is leak in your sewer. So, here below are some signs that can help you decide to call some help from an expert:

  • When you notice moisture in the suspected affected area, most especially if the moisture starting to spread out or get bigger
  • When you notice a pool of wastewater that comes from below the surface
  • When you smell a foul odor (e.g. the smell of old or spoiled food remnant)
  • When you notice a sudden increase in number of pests (flies, cockroaches, rats) inside your home particularly near the sewer as they love wet surface
  • When you see some cracks on the surface of your floor or wall; liquid can penetrate to some porous materials including cemented structure (liquid can make them brittle)
  • When suddenly you notice a landscape growth as it usually due to wet patches on the surface or soil

Why call a professional ASAP

As mentioned, hidden leaks need the help of a professional plumber, here are some of the reasons why:

  • A professional plumber uses advanced tool for sewer leak detection, Poway, CA, so that the issue can easily be found even if it is below the surface
  • A professional plumber can come with his team so that the issue can be fixed as soon as possible
  • A hidden leak that is not addressed right away can further deteriorate and more damage can occur – this can be prevented with the help of a professional offering an emergency plumbing service
  • Leaks that are not easily fixed are not only a sewer system problem; more than that, it can also be a sanitation issue as it can compromise the health and safety of your family

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