In plumbing, you may encounter several terms that are not so familiar to you and one of these is drain clean out Poway, CA. What does this mean? How important is it as far as plumbing system is concerned? After reading this post, you will have learned the important role of drain clean out as part of your plumbing system.

What is a drain clean out? It is a place that provides an easy access to a property’s drain pipes to clear debris that can cause clogging. You can remove the covering on drain cleanout to supply the required access. Plumbing codes of most localities require the set up of cleanouts for easy cleaning of drain pipes. If you are not familiar with it, your local plumber can help you find so don’t hesitate to call a highly qualified plumber near you.

What are drain clean out parts? The two components of drain clean out Poway, CA are the main body and a threaded cap. The former is usually has the same diameter with the drain pipe where it will be attached; the latter provides easy access to the drain system in case of a blockage. It is important to note that the cap should be two inches above the ground or floor level.

Where is it installed? It can be installed both indoor and outdoor. When installing outside the property, its cap should be visible within a few feet from the property’s foundation. If it is installed inside a property, it can be put inside a wall or floor. A drain cleanout is usually in the are where there is a 90 degree turn so that when the cap is removed, you can easily deal with the clog.

How to remove the cap? If it is located inside a property, the cap is usually removed by placing a large bucket under the cap to catch the liquid that might still be in the lines. A pipe wrench is adjusted and fit the square fitting on the end of the cap. The wrench is turned counter-clockwise in order to loosen it; the reverse is done to tighten it.

How to clear the clog? The plumbing professional you hire usually set up a plumbing auger (which looks like a large power drill) and fit it into the clean out extension. There are augers that extend automatically to reach the blockage. Alternatively, a high-pressure hose can also be used in the absence of an auger. However, it is not recommended when the drain clean out is inside the property.

Note: If you are not confident to do it alone because you lack the necessary experience to perform the task, do not hesitate to seek help from a professional plumber.

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