Are you afraid of hiring a contractor that offers tankless water heater installation, San Diego, because of the COVID-19 pandemic? It’s time to put that fear aside. The truth is, companies that offer this service in the area have put health and safety protocols in place to ensure that clients are safe.

Just like any other company you can find around, tankless water heater installers such as the All American Plumbing take health safety protocol seriously. You can rest assured that the moment we reach your doorstep, we are ready not just to install but with our health precautions as well.

Here are some health practices you can expect from our water heater installers who come to your place.

The use of tools and equipment that have undergone the disinfection process – We use specialized cleaning solutions to disinfect the tools and equipment we need for installations.

Wearing face masks – You will notice that many companies that offer tankless water heater installation, San Diego, require their staff to wear face masks. Face masks are proven effective in helping to flatten the curve of infection. You can expect that our installers will come to your place with proper face mask use.

Social distancing – We also require our installation team to follow the protocol of social distancing. Two meters or six feet apart as a standard distance from one another.

Temperature check – Of course, we do a temperature check to all of the team before dispatching them to your place. We make sure that all of the team who will accomplish the installation have no fever, which can be a symptom of COVID-19.

Online consultation – We help lessen your exposure to other people by doing consultation online. You may need to tell us about your case and your preferred area for installation.

The COVID-19 pandemic should not hinder you from doing some home improvement projects. For as long as we religiously follow all the health and safety protocols, you can rest assured of a successful and safe tankless water heater installation in this new normal.

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