Identifying the cause of a slab leak can be tricky because it involves water leaking through the pipes installed underneath a concrete material. But with good knowledge of slab leak detection, San Diego, you can identify the root cause of the problem and may be able to perform a “first aid” remedy before your plumber arrives.

In this post, we share some tips on how you identify the possible reason for the slab leak with just a few checks.

First, find out whether or not there is a high probability of a slab leak. How do you know? Examine your bill. If you do not see visible leaks in your plumbing system and yet there is a significant increase in your water consumption, as reflected in your water bill, the possibility of a slab leak is high.

While waiting for your plumber, you can perform some inspections to identify the possible root cause of the plumbing problem and do the necessary fixes to prevent the problem from getting worse.

Do the following:

Inspect your water meter – to do this, make sure no one is using your water system, which means all of the faucets are off. The meter dial should not be moving if there is no running water in the entire plumbing system. If you notice the water meter is still reading, that means there is a leak somewhere.

Check the shut-off valve that separates the line from the meter to the water line to your house – shut off this valve (put the handle in a horizontal position to shut it off). That means you block the water from coming into your home water system. If the water meter stops reading, that means to say the line from the water meter to the valve is in good shape.

Check the irrigation shut-off valve – does your property have a sprinkler system for greenspace? Find out whether or not you have another valve that connects to your irrigation system. If the water meter stops reading after shutting off the valve, then this line is in good shape.

Check your water heater – repeat the same process. Examine whether or not the water meter is still reading after shutting it off. Suppose the water meter dial is still moving despite shutting off the water heater, then the issue is highly likely in your water heater system.

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