The economic prospect of a plumbing career is bright, most especially in this time of the pandemic. Many people are still at home, and expectedly, there is a spike in demand for plumbing services. No wonder why more and more people consider becoming a plumber on their shortlist of potential careers.

If you are one of those who plan to work as a plumber, applying for a plumbing apprenticeship program in San Diego can be a big help to prepare yourself for the challenging yet fulfilling plumbing career in the future. Becoming a plumber, as you probably already know, is not just about installing toilets. More than that, a plumber creates complicated pipe systems, installs appliances, attends emergencies, and more.

Now, here are four questions to ask when looking for a company that offers a plumbing apprenticeship program:

What exactly is a plumbing apprenticeship? A plumbing apprenticeship is a paid program. In other words, you earn while you learn. Getting into it allows you to build knowledge and acquire skills in highly specialized plumbing works. This program usually focuses more on hands-on experience at job sites; however, it could also involve some structured courses in a classroom setting.

What is next after completing a plumbing apprenticeship program in San Diego? So, are you an official plumber at the end of your apprenticeship? Not yet. After completing such a program, you still need to pass a licensing exam to become a “journey-level plumber.” In other words, you need to pass a licensing exam to be able to work independently.

What’s the duration of a plumbing apprenticeship? While apprenticeship program providers may vary in their program duration, it would take somewhere between two and five years to complete.

Where to get a plumbing apprenticeship? One way to find prospective companies is by reaching out to a representative from your local plumber’s union. You can ask them about those plumbing companies offering such a program in your area. Of course, it will work to your advantage if you earn your high school diploma or GED, as most apprenticeships include your high school diploma as one of the requirements.

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