As plumbing contractors, an increase in the number of homeowners who seek our service in January does not surprise us. New year, as we know it, means a new chapter. Lots of people want to get their year off to a good start. That is why, during this month, we usually record a higher number of clients looking for a plumber in Escondido.

If you have issues with your plumbing system, such as cracks or detached pipes due to wear and tear or because of the winter extremes, it may be high time to do some inspection and repair works. And you can entrust this project to the team at All American Plumbing, whose combined experience as a plumber in Escondido runs decades-long.

Here are some of the reasons why perform plumbing inspection and repair in January – despite the so-called “winter blues”:

To jumpstart the year – it feels great to start the year off right because when you do so, the momentum goes all the way to the end. Call it luck or law of attraction, but when it feels good at home at the start of the year, it makes you more enthusiastic in doing what you do and become more productive throughout the year. Keeping your plumbing system (and your home in general) in good shape in January can do wonders on a personal and at a community level for the entire year.

Preventive measure – if, after inspections, you see cracks on pipes, you should address them right away before these issues get worse. Remember, when a problem is small, it requires small fixing works, which means lesser expense. You can prevent a plumbing issue from worsening if you address them as soon as possible. That means, if you discover some cracks or leaks on your plumbing system in January, do not wait until next month or later to fix it.

Avoiding accidents – even a tiny leak can be an accident magnet. For instance, when water finds its way through the leak into the interior of your home, it could affect the electrical wirings and cause short circuits. That is why we recommend you fix it right away. It would be unfortunate if you or a loved one gets injured simply because of unattended plumbing issues.

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