There are plenty of reasons why homeowners in Poway, CA, do home fixes in the spring season. Some say the weather is ideal for getting rid of winter remnants. Others say it’s a tradition that started so many years back. But there are home fixes that should not wait for spring. Plumbing issues are a perfect example.

Plumbing issues such as leaking pipes merit prompt action. And, emergency plumbing services, Poway, CA, is the way to go to address such problems. Failure to address them could worsen the problem sooner, which means spending more on the fixes.

So, don’t wait for spring! Call a professional that offers plumbing services, Poway, CA, right away if you encounter any of these issues:

Malfunctioning valve shutoff – this is the shutoff that controls your home’s water supply. Therefore, it should be working at all times. If not, other issues may arise, such as drippy faucets, and worse, a burst pipe.

Leaky toilet – aside from being a potential hazard, a leaky toilet can increase your water bill. Every drop, as we know it, counts. Your next water bill reading might surprise you. Call a plumber as soon as possible to fix it.

Leaking water heater – a leak in a water heater provides a significant sign that it needs a repair or a replacement. Getting a new one is more likely if it is already a decade-old installation. Why merit a prompt action? Again, a potential hazard and can cause damage to your basement, aside from the fact that it can cause inconvenience to your everyday routine.

Clogging drains – a clogged drain does not only cause inconvenience but could also back up and cause extensive damage. It is important to note also that a clogging drain is a sign of a more complex sewer issue that requires immediate action. Again, prompt fixes are necessary – should not wait for spring to tackle the problem.

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