If you have been following us for some time, then you are most likely already aware of what we have been telling our readers to consider when getting a plumber in Escondido. You have probably understood that getting a highly qualified plumber requires researching national and local companies (which you can easily do over the internet), reading reviews, and asking for family and friends’ recommendations for reputable plumbers they might have used in the past. But there are crucial questions you should ask potential plumbing service providers to help narrow down your choices to the most qualified ones.

Consider the following:

Are you licensed and insured?

When you hire a licensed and insured plumber in Escondido, you get the protection you need. Licensed plumbers have passed the minimum standard for quality service set by the regulating body of the State of California. Insurance provides minimum liability coverage for plumbing contractors working on your project. For instance, insurance can cover property damage.

Do you charge an hourly or flat rate?

Why is it crucial to ask this question? Because deciding between an hourly fee and a flat rate can help you save by not paying extra charges that might not be necessary. For instance, if you know the scope and cost of the project upfront, you might consider a flat rate. Otherwise, you may choose to pay on an hourly basis. There are several factors to consider when choosing between the two, so you have to make sure you pick based on an informed decision.

Can you provide references?

The thing is, plumbers can say a lot of good things about themselves to convince prospective clients. However, the people who have tried their service can provide helpful information about the quality of their service. The power of word of mouth is still essential these days.

Are you experienced with this kind of job?

Asking prospective plumbers about their experience can help determine how likely they can deliver quality results. A plumber in Escondido who has been in service for decades is more likely to give better service than a newbie.

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