We are now more than a month into the autumn season in Poway, CA. That means there is only a month or two before we feel the winter chills. And winter, as we know it, usually causes some plumbing problems – bursting pipes, frozen water lines, etc.

Now is the time to check your plumbing system – when there is still enough time before winter arrives. A thorough inspection will save you from headaches – not to mention $$$$ – because of plumbing issues brought about by chilling temperatures. With that said, it pays to be familiar with different plumbing services in Poway, CA.

Some services plumbing professionals provide that will come in handy in winter:

Drain cleaning – done to remove any blockage that causes overflow of water from your sink or toilet drain. Professional plumbers today, such as All American Plumbing, use a special camera for inspection for better diagnosis and solution.

Sewer line repair – homeowners describe sewer line damage as “one that causes sleepless nights.” Indeed, a damaged sewer line can be a living nightmare since it emits a foul odor, which is harmful to health. Therefore, if you suspect a problem in your sewer line, do not hesitate to call a professional offering plumbing services in Poway, CA.

Garbage disposal – professional plumbers do this using a garbage disposal system attached and fitted to the waste pipe of a kitchen sink, shredding waste products into small pieces for easy removal through the plumbing system. It is an efficient yet environment-friendly process of waste removal.

Faucet installation and repair – dripping faucet might not be that big of a problem at first glance, but if you look at it in a monthly or even a longer timeframe, you might find it a real surprise how much it contributes to your water bill. Leaving your leaky faucet unattended will have an impact on your finances. Call your plumber right away.

Inspect your plumbing system with a professional plumber today – before the winter season arrives.

For professional plumbing services in Poway, CA, call All American Plumbing at (858) 842-7876.