(Getting Familiar With Different Types of Water Heaters)

A water heater is a valuable plumbing fixture that should be available to every household. You can use it for your sink, in a bathroom shower, and in any other place where hot water is necessary.

Given its value to every home, you must hire a reputable water heater installer in Scripps Ranch, CA. That is to ensure you are getting your money’s worth. You want to make sure the installed water heater is safe and can serve its purpose. In connection with that, it makes sense to be familiar with different water heaters available today. Some of them are the following:

Tank water heater. Its design has a heating element and a storage tank where hot water is stored until needed. It is the most affordable among water heater types.

Tankless water heater. It heats water on demand to provide an endless supply of hot water. One advantage of this type is that it occupies a smaller area; it is ideal for homes with limited space. It is less than half the size of a standard tank water heater.  At All American Plumbing, we install a Noritz Tankless Water Heater, which can be mounted inside and outside your home.

Hybrid water heater. It features a heat pump system to draw heat from the ground and air to heat the water – instead of using a direct fuel source. You can use up to 60% less power than a conventional tank water heater. At All American Plumbing, we have the Eternal Hybrid Water Heaters, designed to operate more efficiently to produce an unlimited string of hot water, on-demand, to your home.

Solar water heater. It is efficient; it uses renewable energy from the sun. You can mount it on the roof for maximum performance. The setup is similar to tank water heaters; the main difference is that it uses solar panels to convert energy into electricity to heat the water. The drawback of solar water heaters is that they may not perform well in areas with heavy snowfall.

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