Sprung A Leak? Call The All American Plumbers

Most of the time the location of your plumbing leak will be obvious because you’ll see a mess of water everywhere! However, occasionally these leaks can be less obvious and may require a professional leak detection service to pinpoint exactly where the plumbing has malfunctioned and repair it right away to prevent further damage to your home.

For years, Citizens in San Diego have trusted All American Plumbing with their leak detection needs. We know how to quickly pinpoint and repair waterline leaks before they become a “big problem”. Our highly trained team of professional plumbers have been equipped with all the right tools and technology to take care of leaks so that water isn’t wasted and homes remain protected from potential water damage hazards.

Yard Line Leaks

If your backyard is flooding and the soil is unexplainably moist then you probably have an underground yard water leak. Call All American Plumbing Services Immediately.

Water Line Leaks

If you have noticed mold or water damage throughout your home, it is very likely that one of your indoor plumbing pipes are leaking. Check for further damage within the walls, behind the cabinets and underneath the floors then call All American Plumbing Services in San Diego to come help you out!

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