Plumbing Issue in San Diego?

All American Plumbing Services in San Diego have a special Camera Inspection, diagnostic system that can get to the route of the problem faster.

Other plumbers may merely make an educated guess as to what is causing your plumbing issue and this can lead to additional problems and cost for you! This is why All American Plumbing uses a one of a kind pipe camera inspection tool to help identify the source of the problem. We do not believe in guesswork, instead we use this tool to find the exact position of your crack or leak. Using our unique diagnostic system makes our work go faster which in return saves you time and money.

At All American Plumbing we will go one step further for our customers. Once the repair is finished the technician will then show you the final results using our Diagnostic Camera. You will be able to see the results for yourself!

The cutting-edge pipe inspection cameras that we use are designed to use illuminated infrared light so that we can send clear images back to our monitor. With the aid of our “pipe cam” our skilled technicians are able to make a proper diagnostic of your plumbing problem right away.

Our unique “Pipe Cams” can:

  • Locate a water line or pipe break
  • Verify the position of a drain line
  • Confirm the condition of a water line
  • Provide a view of your sewer view for both insurance and personal purposes.

Call or Email us at anytime at: (858) 842-7876 To Find Out More About Our Pipe Inspection Cameras

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