We Install, Repair, and Replace Faucets in San Diego!

Starting to drip? Do not worry All American Plumbing Professionals can help.

Whether you are renovating your home, or just upgrading your hardware we understand that there are many faucet and tap options available for you to choose from. Part of our job is to help you eliminate the guesswork when deciding what kind of faucet to install in your home. We will provide our highly skilled advice and recommendations when it comes to new installs or faucet replacements in order to assure that the hardware you select will not only be stylish but functional for years to come.

Had enough of your leaky faucet?

Sick of being up all night listening to that drip, drip, drip. At All American Plumbing’s Plumbing services in San Diego we understand that a leaky faucet is more than just annoying, when tallied up over a year it can be costly! Nobody likes to waste water so why not have our skilled technicians come to your home and professionally fix your leaky tap.

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