Looking for Garbage Disposal Unclogging and Replacement Services?

Is your garbage disposal system constantly clogged or broken? All American Plumbing in San Diego can provide monthly maintenance to assure it is always operating properly.

Dealing with a malfunctioning garbage disposal can be a messy job luckily you can always enlist one of San Diego Plumbing Professionals to come in and unclog your system for you. Our skilled professionals know exactly how to install and maintain most modern garbage disposals so that they function optimally. Most people do not recognize how important it is to properly drain and clear out their garbage disposal drainage system in order to prevent it from blocking. Our plumbers keep our clients well informed about the best methods to use in order to maintain their garbage disposal system.

With the help of our San Diego Garbage Disposal experts, you will be able to assure that your system is operating perfectly for years to come.

Broken Garbage Disposal System? We Can Help!

Even with proper maintenance older Garbage Disposal system may breakdown and need to be replaced. All American Plumbing plumbing experts can help you select and install a brand new energy efficient garbage disposal.

We know how much work a heavy-duty disposal system goes through every day. Below we have included some simple tips to help extend the life of your new system.

  • Running a cup of ice through your garbage disposal is a great way to sharpen the blades
  • Eliminate occasional odor by running through a lemon or an orange peel
  • Every few usages run a mixture of ammonia and warm water and allow it to sit for 30+ minutes, and then drain it with cold water. This helps to keep the system clean and free of clogs.

If you perform these simple tasks every week hopefully your new Garbage disposal will stay in tip top condition. However, if you experience any problems you can still call our San Diego, Plumbing Professionals to come help you out.

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