All American Plumbing, San Diego plumbing professionals are the experts at dealing with alternative tankless water heating systems.

Many families in San Diego have made the switch to a more efficient tankless hot water heating systems.
With a tankless hot water heater (gas or electric) the water is heated as it passes through an exchanger in the plumbing systems. When you switch on the faucet you’ll receive an unlimited amount of hot water. This is a great way to save money on your water bill and hot water tank maintenance.

If you are interested in making the upgrade to one of these energy efficient modern water-heating systems our plumbing professionals are skilled at installing small tankless water heating units. You can call us now for a free consultation on the installation of one of these fantastic units.

We do repairs too!

All American Plumbing can also repair tankless hot water heaters. If your system is malfunctioning we will gladly come in and have a look.

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