All American Plumbing Services Can Supply A Water Filtration System that is right for you

Clean water is extremely important in your home for cleaning and drinking purposes. Often, people choose only to filter their drinking water and do not install special filtrations to filter their public water supply. This can be harmful. Did you know that most much public water is full of harmful particles, bacteria and chemicals that could cause harm to you and your loved ones. Some people are especially sensitive to these elements and can be made ill if they come into contact with unfiltered water. For this reason, it could be beneficial to your families’ health, to install a water purifying system in your plumbing system to assure that all the water coming into your house is safe. These modern filtration systems cleanse the water before it is distributed in your residence and also can help with the elimination of stain causing hard water.

All American Plumbing Services Can Supply A Water Filtration Systems That is Right For You

Our plumbing service company in San Diego has access to a wide variety of water filtration options for you to choose from; discrete under the counter systems, faucet filters, whole house water treatment tanks and much more. We pride ourselves in being able to offer a variety of premium and affordable value units so that everyone can benefit from having clean filtered water in their home.

Even if the city says, “your water is safe”, dangerous particles and chemicals can exist within your water supply and these can cause health problems for your family. Bottled pre-filtered water is expensive to purchase and does not eliminate the issues associated with coming in contact with water contaminants. If you are concerned about the quality of your water let All American Plumbing provide you with a wide variety of water filtration unit today.

3 Types of Filtration Systems Available

Simple Harmony Unit: This is a small unit especially designed to fit underneath your sinks plumbing. This special water filtration system is perfect to alleviate bad taste from odor for your water while also cleansing dirt, rust and chlorine from your supply

Soft Harmony Conditioner: This is a fully adjustable state of the art water conditioning unit. The soft harmony condition is both durable and effective at perfecting your waters condition.

Whole Harmony Water Filter: This is one of the best water filtration systems currently available for home residences. It is especially designed to remove all pollutants from your water supply (up to 20 micro size) It is also EXTREMELY effective at eliminating bad taste, and odor. This filtration device includes technology, which can return your water to a neutral PH balance if any acidity is detected.

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