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When To (and why) Call a Professional for Sewer Leak Detection, Poway, CA

A leak in a visible pipe can easily be spotted and fixed. However, when a leak is hidden underground or beneath the surface, that is when a more challenging task comes in. While a visible leak can be DIY-ed, below-the-surface leaks require the help of a professional plumber who is an expert in sewer leak detection, Poway, CA.

When to call a professional

You might not be sure whether or not your case requires the help of a professional when you suspect that there is leak in your sewer. So, here below are some signs that can help you decide to call some help from an expert:

  • When you notice moisture in the suspected affected area, most especially if the moisture starting to spread out or get bigger
  • When you notice a pool of wastewater that comes from below the surface
  • When you smell a foul odor (e.g. the smell of old or spoiled food remnant)
  • When you notice a sudden increase in number of pests (flies, cockroaches, rats) inside your home particularly near the sewer as they love wet surface
  • When you see some cracks on the surface of your floor or wall; liquid can penetrate to some porous materials including cemented structure (liquid can make them brittle)
  • When suddenly you notice a landscape growth as it usually due to wet patches on the surface or soil

Why call a professional ASAP

As mentioned, hidden leaks need the help of a professional plumber, here are some of the reasons why:

  • A professional plumber uses advanced tool for sewer leak detection, Poway, CA, so that the issue can easily be found even if it is below the surface
  • A professional plumber can come with his team so that the issue can be fixed as soon as possible
  • A hidden leak that is not addressed right away can further deteriorate and more damage can occur – this can be prevented with the help of a professional offering an emergency plumbing service
  • Leaks that are not easily fixed are not only a sewer system problem; more than that, it can also be a sanitation issue as it can compromise the health and safety of your family

All American Plumbing has long been trusted by many homeowners who need sewer leak detection, Poway, CA.

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Signs that You need a Sewer Leak Detection Service, San Diego

Sewer leak detection, San Diego is very important for every household. More than spending a bigger amount for repair, sewer leaks can compromise the health of the members of your family if these are dealt with rather late. Therefore, it important that leaks are found as early as possible before they can cause more damage to the property and the people living in it. However, leak detection can be challenging most especially for the inexperienced; thus a professional leak detection service is the way to go.

To give you some idea on whether or not it is time to seek the help of a professional, consider the following signs:

Unpleasant odor. Be mindful of any unpleasant odor. Any foul smell such as one that is similar to a rotten food is an indication of sewer leaks. When an unpleasant odor exists, check it out immediately to find out the cause of the problem.

Mold problem. If you notice a mold presence inside your house – wall, ceiling, floor – that is clear sign that something is leaking. Molds grow and thrive when there is sufficient moisture. The presence of molds is a clear indication of water problem, which can cause structural damage by decomposing wood, drywalls, and other porous building materials.

Slow drain. This is another yet a sign that there is leak in your sewer system. Slow draining of liquid is either caused by a clogging or a leaking sewer pipe. So, make sure that you do the checking immediately if you notice that there is a slow drain in your sewer system.

Foundation cracks. When leaks penetrate to porous materials such as cemented walls, they weaken the structure, which can cause cracks. Be observant enough to notice cracks in wall or floor as leaks could be the culprit. Aside from money to be spent for repair, cracks could be hazardous as this might cause a structure collapse.

Wastewater pooling in yard. When wastewater pooling in your yard instead of going down through the intended drainage system, it is a clear sign of sewer leak, and the leak could be in a bigger scale. Watch out for it and act accordingly. A company that provides a sewer leak detection, San Diego, is a big help.

Increased number of rodents and other pests. Rats and other pests love areas that are wet most especially the ones where they can find some stuff to feast – kitchen waste, food remnants. If you notice an increased number of rats, cockroaches in a particular area of your home, check it out as sewer leaks could be the reason behind.

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